Hello world!

Hello friend

This is the first post on my website. There used to be a more complex website with a proper backend in its place which was replaced with a much simpler and cleaner looking static website with actually nice-looking posts, which is what you see now.

Why website?

The more organization is always the better. I have a lot of personal project ideas in my head, some of which I simply forget, some only get half-done before being replaced with something new. None of that make these projects any less interesting, and I might want to come back to them later on. In any case, even a partially done project might benefit future ones.

This logging also allows for a nice overview of my past projects, which is a good addition to my CV. And in general if one wants to know what I’m up to in my spare time, this website is just the place.

But why static? Why not use $JS_FRAMEWORK or $BACKEND_NAME?

Too bloated for its purpose. I’m always all-in for nice and complex solutions, but I’d rather focus on something else other than web designing. Though I can do Flask and React (separate or together), frontend is not really my element.

I love working on projects that are actually used by people (myself included), while a full CMS website would just exist without that much purpose or usage.